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Your Insurance Roof Replacement Questions Answered

Updated: May 14, 2020

The 10 Most Common Insurance Roof Replacement Questions Answered

If you suspect damage to your roof, you may be wondering if your insurance company will cover the replacement cost. After all, roof replacements can be a costly investment and many homeowners look to their insurance company to alleviate the expense being placed solely on the homeowner. We have answers to the most common questions we receive from customers regarding replacing your roof through insurance.

1. Does My Roof Qualify For Replacement Through Insurance?

Each insurance company has its own requirements when it comes to roof replacements. Many factors may be considered including the age of the roof, damage present on the inspection report provided by the roofing company, shingle type, and even recent weather. Choosing a licensed roofing contractor that has expertise with insurance replacements is essential. As soon as you suspect there could be damage to your roof you should contact a roofing company who will inspect any damage to your roof and provide you with a detailed report.

2. What Type of Damage Should I Look For?

As a homeowner, there are signs you can look for without ever having to climb a ladder. Some signs that your roof may have damage include missing shingles, interior leaks, shingle degranulation, and hail damage. Hail strikes can typically be found on soft metals such as mailboxes, air conditioner units, power boxes on the ground, gutters, and downspouts. As soft metals, these items are typically a good indicator whether there have been hail strikes in the area. If you find what appears to be a dirt-like substance in your gutters while cleaning them, you may be experiencing shingle degranulation. Shingle degranulation occurs when the granules embedded into asphalt shingles begin to fall out. When your roof suffers a significant amount of granule loss, your home is in danger of experiencing a potential roof leak.

3. What Is A Public Adjuster and What Are the Benefits of Using One?

When filing an insurance claim for roof damage with your insurance company, regardless of how friendly and helpful they representative may be, they are on the side of the insurance company. A public adjuster will meet with the insurance adjuster during the insurance company's inspection acting as your advocate looking out for the homeowner's interests during the process. You may be wondering how much a public adjuster's service costs? When you work with Elevation Roofing, the cost for working with a public adjuster is never passed on to the homeowner. We cover the cost of the public adjuster's service for you so that you can have peace of mind knowing that you have your own personal advocate that will ensure you get the highest possible payout that you deserve. Partnering with a public adjuster as well as an experienced and trustworthy roofing contractor is essential.

4. What If I Have Been Denied For A Roof Replacement Before?

What if your insurance company has denied a past claim? Could you still qualify for a roof replacement? Absolutely! We can reassess your roof if you've been denied in the past and we can appeal with the help of our team of public adjusters.

5. Will My Rates Increase If I File a Roof Replacement Claim? Typically rates may increase upon renewal on average by 10% after you file a roof replacement claim. With the average annual homeowners insurance premium in the state of Georgia being $1,200 per year, you can anticipate an additional $10 to $20 per month.

6. Do I Need to Get Several Estimates?

If you are planning to go through insurance for a full roof replacement, it is not typical to obtain more than one estimate. Licensed roofing contractors work with your insurance company to establish at a pre-determined price to replace your roof. Although multiple estimates aren't necessary when dealing with insurance, we always recommend you that request a copy of your roofing contractor's business license and insurance along with references that they can provide.

7. What is the Process of Filing an Insurance Claim for a Roof Replacement and How Long Will the Process Take?

Insurance claims in general can take time and can vary in the time it takes to process claims from company to company. Working with a licensed roofing contractor who has a good track record of getting insurance claims bought through the insurance company you have your homeowners insurance through can eliminate some time because they are familiar with your insurance company's claims process and can work efficiently as possible without making time-consuming filing errors early on in the process.

8. I Have Visible Damage, Leaks, Or Another Roofing Issue After a Storm. What Should I Do?

Call a qualified roofing professional who can perform a free inspection on your home's roof as soon as possible. Whether it's wind or hail damage, it is important that this is done in a timely manner as most insurance policies have requirements regarding how long you are allowed to wait after a storm or disaster to have roof repairs or replacements covered under the policy. The longer you wait to address potential issues regarding your property, the worse (and more expensive) the damage can become.

9. I Have a Roof With Defective Shingles such as Atlas Chalet Shingles, What Now?

Even though you have a defective shingle, it is not as simple as calling your insurance company and requesting a new roof. Your insurance company will require evidence of damage to your roof prior to approving a new roof for your home. Working with a licensed contractor who is familiar with your insurance policy and has had success in obtaining roof replacements with the type of shingle currently on your home is the best option in order to avoid a potential denial from your insurance company. A contractor who meets these requirements will be able to advise you whether or not your roof has sufficient damage to qualify for receiving a full roof replacement.

10. What Type Of Warranty Can I Expect My New Roof to Have?

Depending on what type of shingle we install on your home, you will receive a 20 to 30 year limited lifetime warranty directly from the manufacturer.

Without a solid understanding of how the roof replacement claim process works, it may be difficult to know what type of damage is covered and how much coverage you are entitled to. A roofing contractor who has expertise in roof replacements through homeowner's insurance can help navigate you through the process and provide the roof replacement services you need. If you have more questions or want to learn more about roof replacement, contact the roof replacement experts at Elevation Roofing or schedule a free roof inspection with one of our HAAG certified inspectors today!

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